Name Country Date of Birth Personal Best Number of videos
Thomas Fahner East Germany East Germany 18/7/1966 8362 points 0
Yunior Diaz Cuba Cuba 28/4/1987 8357 points 1
Yuriy Kutsenko Soviet Union Soviet Union 5/3/1952 8345 points 0
Kip Janvrin United States United States 8/7/1965 8345 points 3
Devon Williams United States United States 17/1/1994 8345 points 4
Pieter Braun Netherlands Netherlands 21/1/1993 8342 points 6
Tim Bright United States United States 28/7/1960 8340 points 4
Jiří Ryba Czech Republic Czech Republic 15/6/1976 8339 points 0
Timothy Duckworth Great Britain Great Britain 18/6/1996 8336 points 3
Adam Sebastian Helcelet Czech Republic Czech Republic 27/10/1991 8335 points 22
Thomas Van Der Plaetsen Belgium Belgium 24/12/1990 8332 points 3

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