Renars Burgevics

Amateur track and field athlete. Journalism studies at the University of Latvia.

Renars Burgevics

Growing up I was always following sports with my father. So my love for sports, in general, comes already from early childhood. After high school, I realized that I would like to become a sports journalist one day.

I started track and field when I was 15. However, my journey in the decathlon started after something that happened in 2011. After witnessing Edgars Erins set a new Latvian record of 8312 points, on my way back from the decathlon competition, I overheard a phrase from another young Latvian decathlete – “Every true track and field athlete at least once in a lifetime must complete a decathlon.” It took me 7 years to do it but now I can say with pride – I have completed a decathlon.

Articles written by Renars Burgevics
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