Glasgow 2019 Head to Head: The 6000 Points-busters

Glasgow 2019 Head to Head: The 6000 Points-busters

In today’s head to head, we look at two of the multieventers competing in the heptathlon in Glasgow who have crashed through the 6000 point mark for the first time in 2019.

Janek Õiglane

The last time Janek competed at a major championships in the United Kingdom, he had a great performance and finished fourth at the World Championships in London in 2017.  After missing much of 2018 through injury, Janek’s preparation for his first European Indoors has been going pretty well – in February he became the eighth Estonian to exceed 6000 points when he scored 6085 at the annual Combined Events Meeting in Tallinn.     

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Basile Rolnin

Basile is defending the honour of the current European Indoor champion Kevin Mayer, whose reign will come to an end when the heptathlon starts on Saturday morning.  Competition to be part of the French team for Glasgow has been intense during the indoor season, not least at the X-Athletics meeting earlier this year in Clermont Ferrand. But Basile came out on top of the French rankings, achieving for the first time a mark over 6000 points with 6025 at the French Championships in Miramas.   

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Photo credit:
Janek Õiglane: Olavi Kaljunen, Trackpic
Basile Rolnin: Michel Fisquet, Team Photo Marseille


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