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Pan American Games 2019 - results

Position Name Performance Country Videos
1 Damian Warner 8513 points Canada Canada 24
2 Lindor Victor 8240 points Grenada Grenada 7
3 Pierce Lepage 8161 points Canada Canada 0
4 Georni Jaramillo 7913 points Colombia Colombia 0
5 Leonel Suárez 7799 points Cuba Cuba 8
6 Ken Mullings 7517 points Bahamas Bahamas 0
7 Gerson Izaguirre 7415 points Venezuela Venezuela 0
8 José Lemos 7408 points Colombia Colombia 0
9 Nathan Hite 7389 points United States United States 0
10 Jefferson Santos 7317 points Brazil Brazil 2
11 Briander Rivero 7239 points Cuba Cuba 0
DNF Kurt Felix DNF Grenada Grenada 6
DNF Andy Preciado DNF Ecuador Ecuador 0

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